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Natsu and Lucy

Laxus is bae — aloosh-s: Rescue me… Show me who i am… ‘Cause i.

FairyTail  Nalu♡

When natsu came back after one year of training. I was just like your hair 😟 and then when I thought I was lovingly going to get use to it. He gets it cut and I'm like awe. NALU and I wish this pic could have been there actual reunion~ 😩

I promise! by zippi44 on DeviantArt This made me so happy but i couldn't help but cry bc it was so touching for me

It will never ever happen. First why would Lucy or Natsu die! N besides it's too not Fairy Tail. I don't ship NaLu n don't want this to happen. WHY DON'T YOU SHIP NALU

I still don't get why Natsu would leave Lucy like that. Like whyyyyyyyyy

I still don't get why Natsu would leave Lucy like that. Like whyyyyyyyyy --Well at least he left a letter(or that's what he called it) unlike Gray😂😂

Natsu as love mate (according to Lucy) part

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Doujinshi number three: Later that day~ Gray:we've seen you and Lucy hugging at the corner what's the meaning of that Natsu:you know I've just said a simple word that turned into my worst nightmare ([in mind] what shall i say tomorrow)goddammit

You know an anime is good if you get pissed off along with the characters, when this happened I was angry. Fairy Tail is one anime that I feel like the characters have become my family  so when they are hurt I am so sad. Fairy tail is one anime you can't go without watching if you feel the same repin this! Fairy Tail for life

This was one of the most painful things to watch in this anime.but I love Erza, Gray, and especially Natsu's pissed off faces. Just shows how close much Fairy Tail cares for their family

Nalu 2/3

Natsu as love mate (according to Lucy) part by -- That last panel omg x)

NaLu kissing

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