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Positive attitude & expression of gratitude with the #fiveminutejournal ✨ Photo by @shosh_bbg | Tag us for a chance to be featured!

♫♪ Ice, Ice Baby ♫♪: How holding an ice cube can change your life when you have intense emotions. (DBT)


Rutina para quemar grasa y entrenar desde casa

The hour we usually spend at the gym is not that efficient. Sure we lift some weights and get in some cardio, but we also watch whatever is on TV, scroll around on our iPhones, and generally don't ...

Blissful sunny days with the #fiveminutejournal ☀️ Photo by @shosh_bbg | What do your moments look like? Tag us for a chance to be featured.

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If running up hills is way too challenging, follow this 40 minute workout and you'll burn over 400 calories! Aside from a toned tush and thighs, these intervals are also proven to target belly fat, so it's doubly effective.

You saved to Fitness Tips & Workouts Kayla’s 14-Day Kick Start. The programme: FULL BODY (Workout 3 Circuit 1) 1. Do Circuit 1 moves one after another without pausing. 2. After Circuit 1, take a 30-second break. 3. Do Circuit 2 the same way. 4. Rest for 30 seconds. *Repeat steps 1-4. Look out for the Week 2 upgrades to make your next seven days a challenge. Each circuit will last seven minutes. Illustrations: Rita Thomas #BBG

Good morning!! Happy Tuesday!! #goodmorning #motivation #tuesday

My favorite #bbgsister @sophiegetfit_bbg tagged me for my #2016goals First off thank you for this tag Sophie! I wanna give a shoutout to this girl because she has been there since day 1. I am so freaking excited for what I have ahead of me in 2016 So here are my goals: 1 Listen to my body. This is so important when you're set on seeing progress as much as I am but that's just me and I think it's important that I don't push myself when I need rest 2 Find time to meditate. I just recently…

As a part of a classroom guidance lesson, I use these "Cool Down Ice Cubes" to discuss ways to cool-off our anger before an explosion happens! This lesson and these ice cubes are a HUGE hit with the students!