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Then change i dodnt like who i was so i changed thought inwas on the rite track then i almost died and now things are really put into perspective

I need to keep reminding myself this and that as hard as it may be, it is time to let go and end it. I want to be loved by someone who does bring out the best in me and me bring out the best in him! That is exactly what love is supposed to do!

I believe this...I've learned to not act on impulse or anger, it's best to take a deep breath let a little while go by most likely all that we felt gets minimized & we come to realize it's not worth to even bother with it, try it...

Wow.....mine get washed almost daily....missing my two children who have gone before me

I do this!!! Sometimes people mistake it as if I agree with them - but I don't think it's important for me to give my opinion and silence is better. KR

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Sometimes it takes looking at the heart to see what you appreciate about the people in your life...but always worth the effort.