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The highly technical drying station we set up for our first effort at découpage - we're working on ornaments and gift toppers with @DecopatchFrance papers sourced from @artbeatstore!

Hands up if you’re a journal keeper too! Here at Little Birdie Me, we like to keep a coding journal - each day, noting down the progress made. Our @moleskineworld journal gives us a place to track larger scale changes, note down thoughts, record ideas, and it allows for quick reference back to key commands (sometimes helpful, ahem, for rolling changes back) - plus, it’s encouraging at the end of every day to write in what has been accomplished!

A cheery little rainbow of baker's twine - or, butcher's twine as we gather it is sometimes called too! Sourced from: @papersource

Weekend project: getting the washi tape organized. Nipped on up to @acehardware, secured a 7/8″ dowel and hose clamp - and, with the help of a little drafting tape, got all the washi tape loaded up for speedy access and easy transport!

The library in the Mansion at Bletchley Park, where we encountered an unexpected rainbow - the bookshelves were stocked with books of many different colors!

This evening, we’re coding away to tunes we used to have on cassette mix tapes - mostly songs from the 80s and early 90s. Folks, we’re talkin’ “Pump up the Jam,” “Caribbean Queen,” “I Wanna Be Rich,” “I’m Too Sexy” and the “Electric Boogie” among other greats! Join us in the hot tub time machine and check out our playlist, “Coding to Cassette Tapes,” on @spotify here: Image: detail of ‘Old Models’ (1885) by William Michael Harnett at the @mfaboston.