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Say What Now Listen, I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’. I’m serious, I really have no idea what you’re talking.

If I Sit Under The Table No One Will Suspect A Thing

If I Sit Under The Table No One Will Suspect A Thing

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Pinterest @Lvngdedgrl- Lol if animals could only talk! Wouldnt we all be in trouble hahaha

27 Dogs That Are Growing Suspicious Of You

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Oh! You caught us. Smart little dog he is.

27 Dogs That Are Growing Suspicious Of You

My dogs have all eaten chocolate at one time or another - and survived. Of course, it was cheap milk chocolate (ie: chocolate Easter bunny) and not dark chocolate.

Does this remind you of the time that you talked me into going in the lake, and then proceeded to go underwater and grab my leg.  I've never moved as fast in my life as I did getting out of that lake.

This is me in any body of water other than a tub or a swimming pool.lol Yes, jacuzzi's too if I'm in it with other people. I simply don't go into any water that isn't perfectly clear and free of animal life without freaking out.

i have this pic already but it doesnt say the same thing.. this is funny

Funny pictures about Just had a bad dream. Oh, and cool pics about Just had a bad dream. Also, Just had a bad dream photos.

cats are weird. today a cat got a bag stuck on its head and started running into walls. poor thing :/

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Dog shaming

An epic gallery of dog shaming pictures that prove these dogs are the naughtiest in the world. The best dog shaming picture gallery ever.