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Inter devices integration and synchronization is fascinating focus of development. Now devices are getting more dynamic and along with that developers are dedicating themselves a lot to create synchronization with different devices.

10 Lies Freelance #Copywriters Like to Tell You | #blogging

How to control a computer with a keyboard

91 Fascinating Animal Stories! Help children master reading comprehension skills while building confidence and inspiring achievement! This app presents short, concise stories in an engaging format that leads to success. Interesting stories make it easy for children to try, practice and improve reading comprehension skills. Knowledge and confidence will grow with each new story. Immediate feedback keeps students on track and focused on succeeding.

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Microsoft Is Launching an 'iPad Killer' [REPORT]

Microsoft Is Launching an ‘iPad Killer’ We already had our invitation to Microsoft’s “major” announcement in Hollywood next Monday — an Apple-style event so hush-hush, there isn’t even a location yet. Now rumors are starting to coalesce around the thing being launched: a touchscreen tablet, manufactured by Microsoft itself, running on Windows RT (a version of Windows 8), intended to rival Apple’s iPad.

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10 Fascinating Facts About E-mail

10 Fascinating Facts About E-mail. Scroll to bottom of article for facts re: Facebook, Google, etc.

The New Era for The Brain: Guiding Your Own Evolution. One of the great abilities of the human brain is to boost itself into a higher function. No one can explain how this happens. By the time early humans discovered fire and simple tools like the wheel and lever, our brains were already the most complex structure in the universe. We then proceeded to use this structure in unprecedented ways. Somewhere in our DNA was the potential for higher mathematics.

Reading Comprehension app for grades 1-3, read passages and answer questions

Cool Cat Teacher Blog - award winning blog written by award winning teacher. Focuses on technology in the classroom and connecting students to global issues and people.

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Review: Lytro Light Field Camera

I'm excited about this technology. Some purest may think we are getting away from the artistry of photography, but it doesn't bother me.