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Build your own? Equations 3 Ways | Algebra One Blog

Hands on Math in High School: Made4Math #3 - Literal Equations - great idea!

Algebraic Equations Chart | Solving Algebra Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Equation Algebra Sort! My 6th grade students really loved sorting these equations based on their solutions and then unscrambling the funny words and phrases on the back! Equations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and two-step equations.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

System of Equations Auto Repair Problem

System of Equations Auto Repair Problem ~ Students use a system of equation to solve a real world problem. Student define variables, write equations and then solve the equation by graphing.

The Exponential Curve: Algebra 1: Solving Equations Puzzle

This is a 16 problem MATHO game designed for use while teaching one-step algebra equations.

from The Roots of the Equation

Dragonbox in the Classroom

Using Dragonbox app and computer game in the Classroom - doesn't just teach students how to solve equations, teaches the meaning of solving an equation and why certain "moves" are legal or illegal.