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The Avengers 1/4 Action Figure Captain America - The Movie Store

THIS is one of the thousands of reasons I love the Avengers. THANK YOU for being real with us, Hawkeye.

Tam Song from KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES, by @LostiesArt on Twitter)

This is so totally Raya and Sierra because, ya know, we're like that. Of course, it could be either one failing the other. Probably Sierra failing Raya...again.

Hot Toys - The Avengers: Thor Photo Reviews - Sideshow Freaks

<Marvel Headcanons> All of the Avengers have huge collections of candy because of this.

Funko Pop! Marvel: Avengers 2 - Thor

1) is Supernatural, 2) is Doctor 11 with Rory and Amy, 3) is Sherlock and John 4) is Merlin and Arthur and 5) is Avengers :D

Captain America / The First Avenger quote poster by MacGuffin Designs

Funko POP Marvel (Bobble): Avengers - Nick Fury