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'water lily leaves' by Linda Schilling on artflakes.com as poster or art print $16.63

"water lily leaves" Photography by Linda Schilling posters, art prints, canvas prints, greeting cards or gallery prints. Find more Photography art prints and posters in the ARTFLAKES shop.

Foxy Soap by Canard Labs

Layered soap with turquoise and gold // melt and pour soap ideas // Foxy Soap by Canard Labs

Names inspired by the seasons. Names I like from this list.  Phoenix, Bae, Sparrow, Eloise, Fleur,  June, Lilac, Lily Aurora

Online Photo Editing: Give Your Photos A Makeover With These Cool Tools

Names inspired by the seasons My choice names for this one would have to be: Cedar, Slate, Talon, Xavier, and Poppy.

"I hate Severus... Blah blah Maurauder stuff" "OH MY GOD JAMES ARGH THE BABY'S COMING!!!" "Oh no! *panics* "PSYCH!!"

That would be so cute to see the marauders freak out and wonder what they should do about the baby coming.

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just my casual wishlist

"This is a drawing I did for Jily Secret Santa on tumblr. It took way longer than expected, and there are still some things unfinished, but I cant really look at it anymore. The request was to draw something winter related and Lily realizing for the first time she kinda likes James. So here we have Lily sort of admitting shes enjoying her outing with James (maybe she had one too many drinks, who knows.)"

Safe Bet by =julvett on deviantART. All of the Lily & James true love appreciation.

Snape sees Lily in the Mirror of Erised. I always wondered if Dumbledore had to constantly hide the mirror to keep Snape from finding it and driving himself insane with grief

What Snape sees in the Mirror of Erised. This is one of the most bitterly sad pieces of fan art I've ever seen.