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PAIN KILLER...the hitman Voraz Capio's weapon of choice is a hand-held minigun called an f-gun; similar to this.

Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum / Sheriff Springs' weapon of choice...brutal power!

Clutching helmet and weapon, a Marine winces as North Vietnamese mortar rounds fly overhead during enemy shelling, Khe Sanh, South Vietnam (Image by Paul Stephanus)

German soliders with MP40 sub machine guns. My favorite WWII weapon.

AA12 Shotgun - zoologist Sheila Rhone uses it...with slugs...against the Devil of the Forest. Nasty weapon.

HANOK the HUNTER / As the great reptile dove for her, she came alive, ducking down as the rush of wind hit her, monstrous, leathery wings striking at her, horrible claws reaching for her. Her first instincts were to duck, reach for her handgun while she raised her other arm to fend off the attack. The creature was upon her like a fierce demon and its left wing struck her arm, knocking the weapon from her grasp as two rounds fired randomly. The huge beast let out a piercing shriek...

Mitchell Gunn's weapon in my Passportal series. Always loved the drum magazine.

PAIN KILLER...excerpt...“I think you are not good at math,” stated Hordaz, spreading his dirty palms in gesture towards his hundred guards who were mostly smiling at their apparent advantage. “I require an answer, Hordaz Bej.” “Go to hell!” responded the mobster. “And take your Vored with you.” “It is time then,” replied Capio calmly, taking an exasperated breath. “Time for you to go,” stated Hordaz. “Time for…pain.” Capio’s voiced had altered, deepening, resonating.

21 Sep 1967, Da Nang, South Vietnam --- Da Nang, South Vietnam: Marine Cpl. Michael Wynn, 20, of Columbus, Ohio, seems to be trying to get a message across with a takeoff of the hippie slogan "make war not love" written on his helmet here. Wynn is taking a breather during Operation Ballistic Charge. 9/21/67 --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

WW II Patrol Torpedo Boat. Two of these also were sent across the Triangle and were used during the Ch'kutar War in Passprtal 2. PT boats were a variety of torpedo-armed fast attack craft used by the US Navy in World War II to attack larger surface ships. "PT" is the US hull classification symbol for "Patrol Torpedo". The PT boat squadrons were nicknamed "the mosquito fleet". The Japanese called them "Devil Boats". They displaced up to 300 tons and the top speed was 25 to 27 kn (29 to 31…