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PAIN KILLER...the hitman Voraz Capio's weapon of choice is a hand-held minigun called an f-gun; similar to this.

from Vetefex

Vietnam veteran Memorial Lighter

A Vetefex lighter is a reusable zinc alloy lighter with weight between 50g to 60g that can be used when kerosene is added. The product is windproof and the material of the flint is of excellent qualit

During the battle for Hue 1st and the 5th Marines and several ARVN elements defended and drove the enemy out of City as the largest major action of the enemy Tet Offensive. Several USA units from the 1st Cav and 101st Abn Divs were involved blocking position and cutting enemy supply lines to the west and nouth of Hue. The allies claimed 5,113 known enemy casualties in this battle. U.S. losses were 119 KIA, 961 WIA; ARVN were 363 KIA and 1,242 WIA; Civilian 5,800 KIA or MIA and 116,000…

The second wave of combat helicopters of the 1st Air Cavalry Division fly over an RTO and his commander on an isolated landing zone during Operation Pershing, a search and destroy mission on the Bong Son Plain and An Lao Valley of South Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. The two American soldiers are waiting for the second wave to come in. (Photo by Patrick Christain/Getty Images)

Wounded US soldier of the 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division with his war dog during Operation Waialua, Vietnam. v@e

Fattism is ingrained into our culture and has to do with the obsession of weight. In fact, children prefer to draw pictures of people who have disabilities rather than an overweight individual.