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How to Set up Mini Water Gardens on Your Deck

Source List Container – $20 – Big Lots Water Lillies – $3.98 – Lowe’s ($1.99 each on clearence) Water Lettuce - $1.98 – Lowe’s ($0.99 each on clearence) Canna Lilly – $2.00 – Home Depot ( bought a 5 bulb pack for $5. Potting Soil – Fish – $0.75 – Walmart Fish Food – $2.00 Fish Net ( helps when changing the water) – Mosquito Dunks -$5.99 Total - $36.70

Backyard Turtle Pond Tutorial-- useful info for when we move Rorschach to the island - thinking of building at least a winter pond in the greenhouse when that gets done!

The Best Plants for Your Water Garden

Canna-Cannas are favorite, old-fashioned plants that you may not have considered for the water garden. They add a refreshing, tropical feel to your landscape.

For a gold fish pond make it at least 3 feet deep to keep Raccoon's out and give the fish hiding places. Put an upside down plastic milk crate with extra wide openings on 2 sides. Or put in several depending on the size of the pond. Top it with a rock or potted plant. Remember the more room the better especially if adding Koi - so don't make it small.