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Life Quotes, Life Sayings, Life Quote Graphics {This is such a true phrase EVERYONE! ~Especially teens; take a look here.... There are many people who will talk about you behind your back; so you want to try to remember how that feels before you talk about another behind their back.}

When someone makes you feel miserable, treating you badly. To the point you are sad, hurting and crying. It’s time to move on. Don’t even accept this. You will learn to get into a pattern to get treated as such. And this is unhealthy. So next time you are saying to yourself this is bs and you know your feeling are being hurt. It’s a good time to bail.

It's unreal, and yet such a blessing to receive the way he gives to me spiritually, emotionally, etc.

Tupac was an old soul I think...... He had such a bright mind. People mostly knew him to be a rapper, but he was a poet first:)

I have gotten this all my life. Few things piss someone off more than when you call them out on their BS treatment of you.