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Is Eddie Redmayne Hot?

Oliver ran a hand through his hair and looked down at Kit, "we won't let her near either of you. Ever again," he vowed. Clint shook his head, "but I would have been able to protect both of you, if i had been here, Ellen. The only time that woman can bring me harm is when she hurts you two." @teresaspadt

I'm a Trump supporter, but I agree with Daveed on this one.

lol... so true. THis was one of the first times I liked him the first time I watched this movie. I think it is my favorite scene with Marius.

character types: the villain

Javert is a difficult character. People want to believe he's the bad guy but he's not. He believes he's doing right, he's doing his job. He was unappreciated as a child so as an adult he strives to excel and even obsesses over it. He killed himself because he felt he failed. He's not a bad guy, he's just human.

10 Pins de Retalhos para conferir

*whole ensemble with dancers in the background:AND I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT!!!!!!!