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Average Joe's Cycling Blog - The world is full of average Joes who ride bikes; let’s get together and make it a better world for all of us Average Joe Cyclists. My name is Joe, and I’m an average cyclist who writes a blog aimed at average people who cycle. I hope to hear from readers about fun places to bike, and about cycling infrastructure problems and your proposals for fixing them. I love to publish Guest Posts from readers, and invite you to please send me your posts.

Amsterdam - Oh, the frustration when you realized some asshole chained his bike to yours.... I don't miss those days!!

Bicycle Love Wedding Invitations

Bicycle Love Wedding Invitations | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog | Wedding Trends for Stylish + Creative Brides

Coasting 8x10 Print

Bike love! Bikes for one, for two, for going to work or pleasure, wih a basket for groceries or your child ~ nearly every Hollander rides a bike!

printable invitations- RIDE ON BY bicycle birthday party or baby shower

Sadly Miss Dangler-Smythe has lost a most suitable suitor who possessed the unlikely combination of family money and good prospects. However the likely young Master Barnaby Vibrateur, flush with desire to uncover the mysteries of deepest Africa, was negligent in ensuring sufficient hydration during the third leg of his unfortunate journey.

cafe sign on an old bicycle with basket - totally charming way to lure people into your restaurant