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We are back - Sasori Deidara by on @DeviantArt

"We are awesome! Un" We're undeniable!" "Don't try to defy us! Un" "It won't work!" "♪You had plenty of time, there was no rush, but it was your dream to be like us.♪" "♪Just be yourself, don't ask us why. 'Cause if you don't, we'll make you cry!!♪" "Believe us! Un" "HELL YEAH!!" "We believe!!" "Wha-" "We dun wanna BE you! Dei-dei, Saso-chan, we wanna DATE you!!" "Oh sh*t, fan-girls!!" *Runs away* - Makkura Murasaki

Pixiv Id 3145152, NARUTO, Sasori, Deidara, Parasol, Japanese Umbrella

"I'm tired...." "Don't lean on my head please, stop. Un" "... No." "Why?! Un" "Because I'm tired, I'm older, I'm leader, and you're kind." "Really Danna, really?! Un" "Yes." "....... Get off. Un" "No." "*Sigh* ..." - Makkura Murasaki

Aw, poor Dei... Sasori was his best-friend!

"Damn Danna, we look good in suits. Un" "Agreed." "Where's your tie? Un" "..." "You're suit isn't black... Un" "So what? I'm sexy and I know it." "You're damn right, Danna. Un" "Shut up brat..." - Makkura Murasaki

Deidara & Sasori I haven't started on naruto shippudan yet, but like the art

Deidara and Sasori, Naruto Shippuden - Two different forms of art.