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My pittie....

This Is What Happens When You Put Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth

Your Pit Bulls: Robbybad: Vicious pitbull has my baby cornered. No wait, she's using her as a recliner never mind.

Lexi The One-Eyed Pit Bull Leaves A Legacy Of Love

Lexi, the 1 eyed pit bull , leaves a legacy of L<3VE!!

I honestly feel that my "Rescue-ed" dog is grateful and appreciative for his new life. He is a gift.

When I die, please don't say "I'll never have another dog". Search for the ones who are abandoned and forgotten. Give them a second chance and let them take my place. Honor my life by saving another.

pet adoption campaigns 2nd hand dogs make 1st class pets

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Object or living breathing creature?

Don't bully my breed

The Story of This One Eyed Pit Bull Will Touch Your Very Soul

To the beautiful pup who simply asked if she could make us happy. In the short four and half months when she got that chance, she came through in ways that n...

Waiting... Wondering... Hoping... There is no better legacy to leave behind than a beating heart that would not be there had it not been for you. RESCUE! Until you do, you can't begin to imagine the LOVE you feel and get in return.