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LA GIORNATA DI UN ROMANO Al mattino presto, in genere all'alba, si animava la casa dei Romani, gli schiavi iniziavano a pulire i pavim...

The King's and Lion Gates of the upper city of Hattusha, thirteenth century BC, Hittite empire (Osprey Publishing)

Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii, Italy The purpose of this reconstruction is to investigate the relationship of the Triclinium, the famous dining room at the villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii, Italy, to its setting within its gardens and its extensive views.

Jewelry from The Royal Tombs of Ur. Queen Pu-abi's attendants, who were sacrificed to serve her in the afterlife: Many women were buried with Queen Pu-abi. All of the queen's attendants wore elaborate headdresses and were heavily bejeweled.