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The different rows in concert band

What instruments did you play as a child? Before cheerleading, etc took over and all hell broke loose.)>>> lol, I play clarinet AND I'm a cheerleader. May the madness long continue.

I hate when this happens  Especially when you're the guy with the part, most of the time it's because we fall asleep

And people wonder why we sleep in the back of the band room during symphonic band.

How to Transpose Music.

How to Transpose Music

Hahahaha sorry for the foul language at the end, but this is GOLD for anyone who's played in an ensemble.

Do you want China listening to your concert?

Any band geeks? An if so comment what you play! And (optional) a funny story! I play the clarinet

Harry Potter and the chamber of music. If Music is magical then you'll understand why these guys look a LOT like conductors...

33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

Funny pictures about Music Conductors And Their Spells. Oh, and cool pics about Music Conductors And Their Spells. Also, Music Conductors And Their Spells photos.