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Lost her family. She is just a baby. Got no one now. Syria is Crying, Syria's children are crying. Help! These are the types of people Britian are aiming to bomb really

Syrian Child....enough said! I just want to hug him and hold him and make sure that he is okay. My heart is breaking....

La bande de Gaza déplorait lundi plus de cent morts après six jours d’opérations militaires israéliennes. Dans ce laps de temps, trois Israéliens ont été tués par des tirs de roquettes de Gaza alors que l’activité diplomatique s’accélère, notamment avec l’arrivée du secrétaire général Ban Ki-Moon en Egypte. Destinée selon Israël à mettre fin aux [...]

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This photo brought me to tears. This world is just getting worse by time. Faith in humanity is being destroyed. The silence of good people is also affecting it.

GazaMichael Chertoff Homeland Security came from HAGANAH Army family, Raul Emanuel, Obama's Aide, came from IRGUN/ Stern Gang - the men are heroes in Israel because they founded the nation.