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Dr. Mads Gilbert a norwegian surgeon who travelled gaza and have been giving aid to thousands of injured people he said that the best thing we can do for gaza people is that we force israel to stop attacking innocent people

Israel's use of illegal chemical weapon white phosphorus. This image of this young boy in agony rips your heart out and brings tears to your eyes. May Allah (swt) punish them for the pain they are inflicting on these innocent helpless people

When you have to protest just to explain to the world that "bombing children is wrong" then humanity has already failed #FreePalestine

#GAZA * Google the Greater Israel Map Plan and you will know why anti-Israel people are now called anti-semites and harassed for their jobs, good names, etc..The USA military learns about this, the Map has been planned 100 years..!*

Lost her family. She is just a baby. Got no one now. Syria is Crying, Syria's children are crying. Help! These are the types of people Britian are aiming to bomb really