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Perfect analogy of my ex Corey Newman-Love. Now on to a productive, happy, friend filled day. Was told this morning I am smiling, laughing, relaxed and looking beautiful by 2 separate people. I guess the bruise has gone away!

Take a look at a letter some Trump voters sent to their "Neighbors." Don't let anyone tell you that the millions who voted for Trump didn't want THIS!! This is exactly why they voted for him and now feel emboldened to do unspeakable things in Trumps name.

KAREN - A1096841 - - Staten Island Please Share:*** TO BE DESTROYED 12/02/16 *** SECOND CHANCE!! A volunteer writes: As you pass by Karen’s kitty condo, she will look at you so lovingly. She is mellow and affectionate, and it is said that she prefers to be an “only cat”. As with any young lady, being well groomed matters to Karen. She enjoys being petted and fussed over. This lovely gal would bring such joy and happiness this holiday season. - Click f

I’m really trying hard to find ways to wear more colors outside of all black, especially when the temperatures start to drop. I recently went to the Beverly Center in Los Angeles {which looks like a bomb was dropped. It’s currently getting a complete renovation} and scooped up this dark green sweater/skirt duo from Club … read on

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101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part II)

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Spring Indie <paid filter> Love this spring look. It is prefect for spring and great for a white and light pink theme. For a alternative I would use F2 or A6. Just add tint to +4 and low down F2 to +7. Theming:8/10 QOTD: what are you doing?