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Nature is my religion. The earth is my temple. We must take care of Mother Nature.

Earth & Nature Based Spirituality~ There is no reason that Christianity cannot be here. I believe that Yahweh created the Earth, but that does not mean I do not hear its music or feel its vibration.

Wonder what the earth planet's natural resources has....

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Mother nature, earth, pacha mama, healing, love.

Acantilados rojos en Utah // Los acantilados rojos de Utah cubren un impresionante y colorido 45,000 acres. Los acantilados se forman de arenisca roja que les da su aspecto único y la sombra de las formaciones imponentes ofrece un respiro en el desierto caliente. El Red Cliffs Conservation Area ofrece un montón de espacio para los turistas para explorar y caminar. Hay un sitio arqueológico que ofrece las ruinas de pueblos americanos nativos, e incluso pistas del dinosaurio del período…

We are born from nature and go back into nature...the universal law harmoniously follows the divine plan...nothing goes to waste, nothing is permanent-everything regenerates