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As the whale washes away, its skeleton appears! (Just an image... don't worry it won't get stuck in your drain ;) The sperm whales feed primarily on giant squid, diving up to 3 km deep in search of prey. Females give birth every four to twenty years and care for the calves for more than a decade. #spermwhale #whale #soap #organic

As the fish washes away, you find its skeleton beneath! (Just an image... don't worry it won't get stuck in your drain ;) The ocean sunfish or Mola mola is the heaviest bony fish in the world, with adults weighing in at 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). Dining mainly on jellyfish, these monster fish can be found in tropical and temperate waters around the world, and the females can produce more eggs than any other known vertebrate. #fish #biology #skeleton #science #organic #soap

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Calculus Symbols Shot Glasses (Set of 3)

Calculus Symbols Shot Glasses We know that calculus functions make you shout, “Woo hoo it’s Friday night!” – so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Forget that disastrous math test or celebrate a successful midterm while sporting your math nerd pride.

As the flounder washes away, its skeleton appears! (Just an image... don't worry, it won't clog your drain ;) Flounder hatch with one eye on each side of the head, but one eye migrates to the other as the fish matures so that the fish may lie on the bottom of the ocean floor to camouflage itself against predators. The starry flounder is a common flatfish found along the North Pacific Ocean. #fish #skeleton #flounder #science #organic #soap

Soaps are amphiphilic organic compounds – compounds containing both lypophilic (oil soluble) and hydrophilic (water soluble) groups. In water, the hydrophobic ends enter into oils and fats, breaking them up and surrounding them, while the hydrophilic heads remain outside, forming micelles that can be washed away with water. Review some chemistry while you clean your hands! #soap #chemistry #science

Review some chemistry while you wash your hands! These liquid soap bottles remind you about how detergents work and how micelles form to sweep away grease and grime. Printed in the USA #detergent, #chemistry, #soap