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As the whale washes away, its skeleton appears! (Just an image... don't worry it won't get stuck in your drain ;) The sperm whales feed primarily on giant squid, diving up to 3 km deep in search of prey. Females give birth every four to twenty years and care for the calves for more than a decade. #spermwhale #whale #soap #organic

Calculus Symbols Shot Glasses (Set of 3)

Calculus Symbols Shot Glasses We know that calculus functions make you shout, “Woo hoo it’s Friday night!” – so don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Forget that disastrous math test or celebrate a successful midterm while sporting your math nerd pride.

Cape Cod Sea Glass Style Charm Necklace

Cape Cod Aqua Beach Glass Style Whale Charm Necklace by CABANA109

Anatomical Heart Wax Seal Kit

Come on. Have a heart. Give your letters and wedding invitations a little love with a science seal that features a vintage medical illustration of one of the most popular organs. Cockles not included.

Need a quick study guide for that cardiac chapter? We’ve got you covered. This anatomically-correct heart is built with the labels of its parts.

Woodsy Baby Announcement - Woodland - Forest - Colorado - Birth Announcement - Newborn - Invitation - Photo Card - Evergreen - Mountains

Waves Whale Song Navy Eco Friendly Canvas Shopper Hand Pulled

Waves Whale Song Navy Eco Friendly Canvas Shopper Hand by zyzanna, £10.00