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F.07. La experimentación es algo fundamental para saber transmitir con fervor y entusiasmo aquellos contenidos que deseamos enseñar.

F.07. La observación es una muy buena herramienta que debemos usar los docentes en conjunto con la experimentación, para así llevar a la práctica los contenidos que deseamos trasmitir.

“Good job!” “What a wonderful story!” “Your painting is beautiful!” Sound familiar? If you are like me, you have used these words to encourage children, hoping they will feel good about themselves, their work, and their efforts. Our intentions are good but what if the affect is not what we intended? What if our words …

God loves us “with an everlasting love” and with “lovingkindness” (31:3) He will draw people on in. Hundreds of Texas churches have come together to bring top Christian bands and a message of hope from Greg Laurie to AT&T Cowboy Stadium on March 6, 2016 at 5:30p. And it'll be simulcasted from there to over 3,000 over venues.

The Topic of *Suicides* spoken in the Podcast . SUICIDES and the sudden turn of a Circumstantial Event, that Plunders One's Psyche into a Bottoming Out Moment, in Life, where The loss of HOPE has surrounded them, & having a *Faith that GOD still Cares, & Is by their side, circumstantially speaking, will Turn Around ! Suicides at Mt. Fuji (OFFICIAL FULL LENGTH HD video)