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Pistachio and lemon syrup cake

This recipe is from the lovely food writer and cooking teacher Elise Pascoe, and I've made it time and again. It’s a gorgeous, simple cake – light and lemony, and so eye-catching with its pale green hue and mantle of pistachios.

Dessert can be tricky on weeknights, when time is short. Don't worry, we've got cheats and hacks to sort you out.

What Our Mom's Cooked Us

We loved this roundup of seven recipes the editors at Food52 remember their mothers making (including this delectable-looking almond-topped coffee cake).

The pure pistachio flavour in this slice comes from an easy homemade pistachio milk, which is perfect with the fudgy cacoa base.

After our original gin and tonic tart went viral last year, food editor Warren Mendes decided it was time to update the old recipe. Here, he's kept the classic flavour combinations of gin and tonic and added candied citrus for a true showstopper worthy of 2016.

Warren Mendes takes an all time favourite cocktail -the espresso martini, and turns it into a show-stopping crowd pleaser.