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Analysis: Pope charts a new course for church

THIS IS HILLARYS ONLY DEPLORABLE. She aborted all the boys & kept Chelsea for political reasons !!

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Catholic Mom

God doesn't plan the choices people make, people choose to make choices themselves. Everybody makes mistakes with the right to choose so we should make the choice of abortion illegal so there's less room for mistakes/sins. Killing is a sin and if people who kill other people are convicted and sent to prison than why aren't abortionists being convicted and sent to prison. It's the same concept.

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27 Very Strongly Worded Messages The Women Of Texas Have For Rick Perry

Bodily autonomy is a human right- this is how that concept is applied to abortion, supporting pro-choice ideology.


Ummm...Idk why you think this is "shots fired." As a man, I'm in favor of this. I can't stand dead beat "dads." If you're going to engage in the ONE activity that leads to the creation of children, then you should man (or woman) up and face the consequences of the decision. This is very preferable to making the only innocent party have to face the consequences.

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I got my name from the nurses that talked my mom out of aborting me.

I know this is not related to Lord of the Rings but I need to get the word out. Tomorrow (September 24th) is pro life chalk day. If you want to participate just get some chalk, go to a public place and write pro life messages on the sidewalk. This could save a life.

Pro-life or pro-birth? If you stop caring after birth, you're anything but pro-life.