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Analysis: Pope charts a new course for church

Coren: A heady stew of wishful thinking, ignorance, and sheer malice by the mainstream press has left the impression that Pope Francis has suddenly rejected Church teaching on abortion, divorce, contraception and same-sex marriage.

Pope Francis Quotes On The Poor- "Today, and it breaks my heart to say it, finding a homeless person who has died of cold, is not news. Today, the news is scandals, that is news, but the many children who don't have food - that's not news. This is grave. We can't rest easy while things are this way."

What is the real reason for Pope Benedict’s decision to resign? What’s the story behind the story? Like thousands of others, I have been asking myself those questions since Monday morning. After a week of intensive reporting, and weighing the theories put forward by others, I have

From Grace to You: MacArthur on The Apparent Paradox of Sanctification - as usual he's clearly thought out the issue... well-communicated

8 of Pope Francis’s most liberal statements

What has Pope Francis actually accomplished? Here’s a look at 7 of his most notable statements. - The Washington Post

Let’s not just talk about sex -- what Pope Francis really said

Let’s not just talk about sex -- what Pope Francis really said | By Kathryn Jean Lopez

Cardinal O’Malley explains the pope’s silence on abortion

Citing the words of Pope Francis, the leader of the U.S. bishops’ pro-life committee called the faithful to open their hearts to Christ, sharing the Gospel message of mercy and the sanctity of human life.

Pope Francis Is Right About Abortion

"Pope Francis Is Right About Abortion" Every person’s actions must be understood within a wider context