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In this episode of the Genealogy Girl Talks Podcast I discuss suggestions on what to blog about when you're starting your Family History...

Ten of the Best Podcasts for Kids

Podcasts are great because you get a new episode every week, or month, so there is always something new to listen to. Plus they cover such a broad range of topics and interests so you can find something for everyone. They are a great way to build on your child’s interests and expose them to different ideas and topics for loads of learning opportunities. Plus they are just plain fun!

Improve Writing with QR CODES

Improve Writing with QR CODES: This blog post includes step by step directions along with a video tutorial on how to implement QR codes to motivate your students to provide quality writing assignments.

7 Videos You Can Make in 7 Minutes (or Less) Using Only your iPhone

7 video examples to inspire your next video project for your brand (with tips and how-to advice)

Editing videos doesn't have to be overwhelming and take a lot of time. Remember to keep it simple. The content is what matters the most in your video. Click through to watch my video on tops tips on how to edit videos and make your first video for your blog!!! this site is amazing! I use it to check my work! Everyone should know about it. (Be warned if you want it to show you the work you have to upgrade. That's why I use it to check my answer)

8 Secrets To Writing Blog Posts Quicker

Ann Schmitt Galbraith, are you seeing this? 8 Secrets To Write Blog Posts Quicker