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header. works for us. we're fine with small logo. everyone likes the grey bar with dropshadow and white links with nice rollovers. in fact this is very popular with everyone. there's a subtlelty that everyone finds appealling. so leave. enhance/expand :)

this block works - as it's not UGC - it's our content - we've got a pic, title, subtitle, teaser. this is automated and shows a selection of our content type ingredient. so don't lose this option

UGC works best in lists where we know we have a title and some standard categories we can present.

comments set into light grey divs within white content blocks, on top of textured background

excellent example of ti website. clean clear etc. too flat for us, lacks warmth a bit i'd say. like the listings on LHS though - but don't want social media icons everywhere, especially not in listings. so like the cleanness of this, but it's too clean now; reminds me of good web work 10 yrs ago when we had no texture to play with. but i like it. hmm. i'm waffling. need some breakfast.

footer is good - laura says we can do more with the footer - would like help on waht we can do. like the grey, gradient. green stands out beautifully from it. house sketch looks great. maybe we can add some of trucie's monsters in there? like the social media icons there too.

TT belsize. too much ripped edge/paper/texture for us and calls to action/links hard to note. need our calls to action to be prominent. nice use of photos for every article though. i guess this is tempting for TN with the handmade look, but we are not going in this visual direction :)

nice nav. not too scarey. didn't go away too quickly while i moved around it. like the dotted line idea but it's too big here - more like blobby line

white text blocks on textured background, nice dropshadow, similar link colours to ours - and flashes of red for emphasis