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How to d a Chevron tape manicure Nail art tutorial


Tuesday Tutorial: Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2014 Nails

Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1 // Paint your nails one solid color and let dry completely. It is extremely important that they aren't even remotely tacky. Step 2 // Rip off ten pieces of scotch tape (one for each nail) and then cut those in half so you have twenty total strips. Step 3 // Apply one strip of tape crossways, make sure to press down firm. Step 4 // Apply a second strip of tape across the opposite way. Step 5 // Paint the tip of your nail, which shouldn't be taped, in the other color. Step 6…

make a statement with the best kind of clashing color step 1: clean then apply prime & pop base coat and allow to dry. step 2: apply off the wall directly onto a piece of the sponge. blot gently on a paper towel or foil to remove excess product, then dab onto the nail. step 3: repeat with in it to wyn it on another piece of sponge, applying on the nail so that the two colors overlap. continue working one nail at a time, then seal with essie top coat.

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