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Three words, true meanings

Sometimes what you're looking for comes when you're not looking at all. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Never Lose your faith! Sometimes people play with your mind to make you lose your faith! Show how strong you are and not a weak person to follow them! Aline

I love you and miss you alot today, but I know your happier up their. I know your my guardian angel. I love you.

Anger destroys peace of mind, and relationships and causes wounds which may never heal....it is sure poison for the body and soul and for people around us who we love...anger must be controlled immediately by deep breathing and clenching the tongue tight.

"She was a maiden of rarest beauty, and not more lovely than full of glee." ~Edgar Allan Poe Blissfully taken SoCal girl who loves to run, read, nap, travel, and basically enjoy the moment. I post anything I find beautiful. Please have a look around...

Not trying to claim to be wise, but I've always said this! I've always believed we are all part of a puzzle, and we have multiple sides/facets to connect to everyone else on some level. When it comes right down to it, we all have something in common.

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the...

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