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Cpt. Steven Grant Rogers and Sgt. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes of the Howling Commandos (Poland, February 1944).

He is so cleaned up in the first movie but when he becomes the winter solider when hydra steals his thoughts and puts him on a leash his hair grows he has tiny hairs on his face and he isn't the good clean Bucky we know he's jagged unscrewed lost but at the end he tries to come back he tries to remember especially when he saved Steve even though he walks away..... Maybe that made sense but I just thought that and now I have these feels

Is there anything hotter than a guy in uniform? <--- Why yes, Sebastian Stan in uniform.

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''My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but I'm like you're not James Buchanan Barnes.'' HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

final firefight. | Tiny little smirk. He knows he's going to die in this war, but here he is having a little bit of fun anyway. This is as close as he ever comes again to being the guy who kicked that bully out of the alley. I think all those years of sticking up for Steve gave Bucky a taste for a good fight. And there's no better fight for Bucky than against Hydra on Steve's behalf. I wonder whether Steve ached more or less later, knowing that ...