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If it hadn’t been for two brilliant food scientists in the mid 20th century, we could have lost ¼ of the world’s population to famine. See how they helped. #Monsanto

Be part of the conversation about food, where it comes from and how it becomes more accessible. #Monsanto

Kale is a hot item in grocery stores—and a hot topic for food bloggers who wonder if the leafy green all it’s cracked up to be. See where one licensed #Monsanto dietician stands on the matter.

If you love avocados, learn how to grow them indoors or outdoors so you can make fresh recipes all the time!

Baby carrots are wonderful for snacking or as a part of a balanced meal. But did you know they were only invented in the 1980’s? Learn more about this great snacking staple on our news feed. #Monsanto

It’s chilly, so bring on the squash everything. Who grows these magnificent gourds, anyway? Follow one squash farmer’s journey. #Monsanto

Knowing which crops grow in which climates is a big part of growing enough for a growing world. We at #Monsanto laid out a handy map of where produce is grown around the country by state.

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Learn which fruits and vegetables are still in peak season before Fall. #Monsanto

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