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biology game - year long

Great DNA handout for Biology and AP Biology Students. Teacher created. Combines most important facts students need to remember in a simple

Biology: Genetics & Art Project FREE download! If you like this project idea, sign up to follow my other teacher ideas!

"Methods of transport through the cell membrane model. I made this for my AP Biology students. It took some time and money but I'll have the kits forever. I used puff balls for oxygen and glucose, and craft punches to make the lipid bilayer and sodium/potassium pump."

Three Hands-On Activities. Students build carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins out of pipe cleaners and beads. These awesome activities really help students grasp the abstract concepts often taught in the first few units of biology class. Grades 9-12.

Totally free high school curriculum, including 180-day planners. For courses from math to literature to forensics to biology and many others.

Use this fun Domino Puzzle to help students review the organelles of plant and animal cells. This is great review for Biology classes! It comes in 2 sizes. Make it even more fun by seeing which student or pair can solve the puzzle the quickest! The terms defined in this puzzle are: Cytoplasm, cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi bodies, vacuole, cell wall, ribosomes, chloroplasts and lysosomes

AP Biology cell organelle project. Students got a length of contact paper to encase printed-out black/white and labeled organelles. Their focus organelle had to be in color. The cell membrane had to have head/tails with embedded proteins. They also had to bring in an object from home to represent/explain their focus organelle. The contact paper is the cytoplasm.

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