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amor divino – julia alvarez

Theme of Names/Nombres

Step 5: Overall, the main theme of Names/Nombres is though you may be identified as one person, you are still you.

Step 1: The title Names/Nombres relate to the story by say that as the main character's family move to a whole new country, they undergo many changes, such as having to get a English translation for their originally Spanish names.

Step 2, part 2: After finally moving in to NYC, they started to have to adapt to their English names. Eventually, Julia becomes popular in high school, and among others.

Step 2, part 4: For the falling action, this tells of the first few years in the states, and Julia wants to fit in with the other classmates. When she begins to, they ask what is her full name is, and she tells them.

Step 2, part 3: At the climax, Julia's mother talks about Julia's sister, Mauricia, and how her name came to be, and her little sister Ana, and how things was so easy for her name

Step 2, part 5: finally, Julia graduates high school, and after wards she decides that's it's okay if she has more than one name.

Step 3, Part 2: The graduation represents how far Julia has come ever since she came to America.

Step 2: The Exposition, how this all started was when Julia Alvarez and her family was moving to New York City through immigration.