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Let’s put some colors to my Instagram. This time I used graphite on the lines. Tools: watercolors and waterbrush on Fabriano paper. Original art for sale. Link in my bio. #watercolors #girls #dailysketch

Let’s go silly. Original art for sale in my store. Link in my bio. Media: waterbrush, watercolors and waterproof ink. #dailysketch #girls #watercolors #punk

I’ve been feeling like wanna make lips in watercolors. Original art for sale. Link in my bio. Tools: Waterproof ink (kaimei drawing sol-t) penholder (G-Pen), waterbrush and watercolors. #dailysketch #watercolors #punk #girls

Wrapping two books and drawing a webcomic, but let’s draw something. She use to put ice cubes in her milk and eats sandwich with banana & peanut butter. Original art for sale. Link in my bio. #dailysketch #punk #girls #watercolors

Warming up. My first artbook, Ink & Punky now on sale. This drawing is not included. Link in my bio. #dailysketch #girls

More watercolors on a print. This is not the original inked drawing but a print that I colored. On sale in my store as a unique piece. #watercolors #skating

The bassist. She hates sports and 3D movies. She also plays New Super Mario Bros Wii, Galaxy makes her feel dizzy. Thinking to do another artbook called INK & Play, not sure yet. Anyway, my new artbook INK & Punky is now on sale. Just click on my bio’s link if interested. #dailysketch #punk #girls

Interview: 16-Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan Paints Her Wildest Dreams

"As I begin to paint the scene, I drift into a right brain realm where I forget time and space and just sort of live inside this painting and the flow of color and brush strokes." – Artist Dimitra Milan

trevinoart: This is not included in my new artbook INK & Punky but if you want to take a look at my store to see some previews, just click on my bio’s link. Thanks! Have a good week! #dailysketch #punk #girls