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Respect for all Animals. Animals are abused everywhere. Very often this is due to ignorance and not negligence. I would like to ask for 'Animal Welfare' to be made part of a school's curriculum everywhere in the world. Animals are part of our planet and deserve our care and respect. Please sign and spread the word. This is a great idea!

The Difference Between American & British Bombay Cats

You probably couldn't tell a British Bombay from an American Bombay cat at first glance. They may look the same on the outside, but differences in breeding set apart these two types of kitties. Both are beautiful, rare and distinctive cats with a sleek appearance and good temperament.

Bamboo, an Asian elephant, walks at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle last month. Elephants, one of the most popular animals at American zoos, could become very hard to find over the next few decades they die and the rest congregate in the handful of zoos capable of caring for the large animals. Facilities like Seattle's have already decided to move their elephants to another zoo so they can join a larger herd.


. This old Asian scroll from Japan depicts a Japanese merchant happening upon a small flying saucer that’s landed near a rice field. Look carefully at the writing above the craft. The column …

Marlee is a petite pure bred Himalayan without paperwork to prove it. She lived with a retired woman who could not take care of her anymore because of health issues and had to give her away. Marlee is at least 9 years old and toothless. She loves to be petted and look out of the window.Marlee is very calm and laid back and prefers a quiet home maybe that of a retired person. We would love to find her a home fast, we believe she deserves to curl up on the couch rather than on a towel in a…

Eastern Box Turtle - Terrapene carolina carolina The box turtle gets its name from its centrally hinged plastron (lower shell), which enables both front and rear portions of the plastron to be drawn up tightly against the carapace (upper shell). This "boxes in" the turtle for protection. The greatest threat to Ohio's box turtles is the thoughtless driver who makes no attempt to avoid running over them as they lumber across the highway. ! Ohio Status: Species of Concern