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check out the cute map- and how it totally adds character to the room. Love it. We have one just like it in our Provo store!

Hello friends! I've been on Instagram for a long time and it's always been a platform where I've not been sure how to use it best... for me and my photography. Part of me wants to keep it a nice feed of just portfolio images (because I like to see other feeds like that) and then part of me wants to share much more of my personal life. Well for now my plan is to keep it a bit more portfolio like with occasional personal moments thrown in. I want to get to know others on a personal level…

I bought this sign to go with all my other beach decorations in my bedroom. It is tin, very light and thin, and has that distressed look like it's been used for quite a while. There are tiny holes in each corner so you can hang by string or tiny nails. I currently have it hanging with Command strips until I decide where I want it to hang permanently. This is my favorite beach sign!

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Ashley's Guide to Austin

Ashleys Guide to Austin Its no secret I love to travel. In the past year Ive been lucky enough to spend time in Paris Germany New Orleans California and most recently Austin! As I boarded my flight to Texas last week I made a silent promise; a promise that I would finally start sharing these adventures with you! Now if youre just here for the recipes no hard feelings. I totally get it! But I wanted to let you know travel posts will be a new thing around here and I hope youll enjoy getting…

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Before The Internet, People Used Other Ways To Wake Up

where do I get me one of these trained roosters!

Getting perfectly platinum hair can cost a fortune at the salon, but it's little known that if you want to achieve this color you can do it perfectly all by yourself! Follow Influenster Steven's tips for getting amazing platinum hair at home!

Close your 15 browsers you have open just for a moment (I double dare you ;) ) and grab your peppy tea / hot coffee for another pow wow with me this morning because I have a serious question to ask you. I want to know how are you cheating the magnificence of who you are and what you can accomplish?? At what moment did you accept a mediocre life?? Because I need you to please remember this . . . . . You are a valuable member of this society so stop acting and accepting like you're not. Your…

| Where You Lead | My all time favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I've been watching it for over ten years and every night I wind down to a few episodes. I'm ecstatic about the Gilmore Girls Revival that is coming up. (For all of the G.G. fans--Sookie is coming back and I'm so excited!) The heart of Gilmore Girls is the close relationship that the mother and daughter have and I live vicariously through them. Not all of us have a close relationship like that with our parents. We long for it…