This adapted book is great to work on the 'how' question and sequencing. This book works on the essential skills of making inferences, vocabulary, ...

Autism Awareness Unit {a comprehensive unit to raise awareness and understanding of autism in your school community; differentiated for all age levels; lesson plans and material} by

This adapted book is great to work on discriminating between who, what, where, and when questions. Each page follows a similar routine and is interactive. by

Who Am I? Adapted Book for Children with Autism {work on making inferences and answering the 'who' question} by

This is a quick little activity to target basic yes/no questions. There are 24 cards and a 'yes/no' visual mat. 12 of the cards are basic yes/n...

We made this to help with sentence formulation! All you need is a file folder, board maker, and velcro! Find a picture scene (on the internet or from a book) and ask the student questions about what is happening in the picture.

For a student with autism, conversations are hard. For a student with autism who uses an AAC device, they are even harder. For that reason, I created a deck of twenty conversation cards.

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