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Silver looks good on you Trey Hardee! Olympics 2012 Decathlon

I need a lot of inspiration today, I already called my mom and thought about quitting if I don't feel better in 3 days. I takes 2 weeks of not feeling well though, hence the "you can do it" theme here haha

Sexually abused children: In the United States, approximately 1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys is sexually abused.

Trey Hardee! 2x World Champ Decathlete and 2012 Silver medal Olympian! Oh, and my nephew!!;) way to go Trey!

Go ahead tell me that Im not good enough, tell me I cant do it, because I will show you over & over again. That I Can!

The #mind is a very powerful thing, when it learns to overcome these man-made barriers we create for ourselves!!

100-year-old marathoner finishes race

Inspiration: first 100 yr old to finish a marathon (his first marathon was at age 89)