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AK-47 bullet ice mold. I really don't need it, but it's just so cool.

I really appreciated this moment. Henry is most definitely her son in every single way that matters and he needs her just as much as he needs Emma in his life. What a lucky kid to have to mom's who love him so fiercely. I work with kids and so many would benefit from hearing their parents claim them this firmly just once in their lives.

Why would he do that to-a me? Then again it's Romano so i'm not-a surprised.

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16 Ways to Make an Adorable Bow Hairstyle

This is how Alice's hair would look like. Just like how Alice's hair is, we all imagine, it is down, the only difference is, it is curled with a bow in it. I think it matches Alice's personality really well. I also think it would look good with her dress. This hair style looks fun and when I see it, I think of Alice for Alice in Wonderland.

Lofted beds with walk-in closet underneath. great idea and great use of space!

Once Upon a Time ♥Omg Guys I just realized what's gonna happen about her baby!!!:() I mean is #DarkSwan Gonna kill the baby

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