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felt hat merino wool Gaëlle Made to ORDER handmade in france

felt hat merino wool handmade in france Gaëlle Made to by jannio, $85.00

Art Quilts XVI What does metal strapping tape, wire mesh, copper pipe and wire all have in common with an art quilt? Rain Chain combines these unlikely components with commercial cottons and bamboo. This is a quilter's interpretation of a rain chain hanging from a Japanese structure. These pieces is constructed of commercial cotton, nylon cording, metal strapping tape, copper pipe, wire mesh, bamboo, copper wire and machine quilting.

How to Make My Own Felt Hat Stiffener

Many hats, from fedoras to cowboy hats, are made from felt. After the hat has been worn a few times and exposed to moisture, including rain or skin oils, it will begin to lose its shape. Many people send their felt hats to professionals to have them reshaped, but this is a needless expense. An inexpensive, safe remedy to re-stiffen a hat can be...

Mini Textured Felted Wool Bundles from Mary Flanagan: These mini versions of Mary Flanagans’s popular Textured Wool Felt Bundles are just too sweet for words! Bundles of 10 different textured wools are all dyed together in the same dye bath. These textures coordinate beautifully when mixing them in hooked rugs, applique and quilting projects. (Each piece measures approximately 7-inches x 8-inches. 100% hand-dyed wool. Please note: Textures will occasionally be substituted.