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A young wild Bank Vole feeding from the top of a Butter Cap mushroom.

Ratty : Please see the Pinterest Board this came from: ~So-ooo cozy~ :) Jeff

The European water vole or northern water vole, Arvicola amphibius (formerly A. terrestris), is a semi-aquatic rodent. It is often informall...


Pick: Cute Mouse Pic Of The Day

I want DarkStream to lead a patrol. You may take WolfClaw, WhiteFur, TawnyShade, SorrelClaw, MistyFur and WhitePaw with you.

W Midlands Trio of Variegated Fancy mice - Reptile Forums


White-Footed Mouse, Peromyscus Leucopus, Eating a Berry, Ohio

if i wasn't eating then i might be annoyed about you getting all up in my face with that camera....

I think mice are eating my young campanula plants. What other plants do they like? What do I do about it without harming the little timid beasties? Have a garden full of campanulas till they gorge themselves?