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Whether you are buying razor for the first time or upgrading from the old razor, you should start by doing internet research to know what type of razor is the best for me, and you can find this by doing research on the best electric shaver reviews.


How to sharpen a Norelco electric shaver

Replacement blades are expensive,$30 to $40.  Why not save some money and sharpen the old one ?  Back before safety razors and during world war II, when steel was scarce, people would resharpen their double edge razor blades on a sheet of glass.  I figured why not try it on my Norelco shaver that was leaving my face raw,  and it worked,   Here is how I did it... You will need a small brush to clean shaver and heads, also a flat piece of glass ( a mirror or ...

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The Old School - Straight Razor

If you're looking for a barbershop quality straight razor but are tired of sharpening and stropping (or don't want to start) then a changeable-blade straight ra

A large array regarding unique electric razors is in the marketplace in these times. Remington Products and services XR1370 Hyper Series Rotary Shaver best electric shaver 2013

The Old World: O1 Steel Kamasori Japanese Razor, with custom spine work and brass inlay, free domestic shipping by JacobRayCreations on Etsy

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The likely return of the old time safety razor

Like many prices increasing with inflation, the cost of replacement razor blades have become just too expensive for us.

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1930s Miniature The Laurel Ladies Boudoir Safety Razor - mid century antique shaving Edwardian Victorian purple old antique tin British

Jahre Miniatur The Laurel Damen Boudoir Rasierhobel - Mitte Jahrhundert antike Rasur Edwardian viktorianischen lila altes antikes Zinn British

Condition of the specific art shaving methods alongside top-notch businesses may be the ideal formula to get the best electric shaver selection on the market.