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Rukse Polished aluminum ceramic coating or (also called header coating, jet coat, or hot coat) is our brightest looking finish that we apply here in Utah on any steel or aluminum substrate that you want to have a shine or show quality look. It is similar in appearance to polished aluminum.

Polished Aluminum ceramic coating on Zoomie headers from Rukse High Performance Coatings in Utah.

This coating lowers under hood temperatures helping prevent heat soak of parts and keep heat inside the exhaust pipe. By keeping heat in the pipe you reduce outer skin temperatures. Scavenging of heat effeciently through the pipe will reduce thermal tumbling and can increase performance.

This coating requires maintenance to keep the polished aluminum finish. It can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent and water. You can also use any non-abrasive aluminum polish to bring out the shine if it ever gets dull. Maintenance should be performed every few months to ensure that the coating lasts and functions properly.

ukse Polished ceramic coating prevents thermal fatigue, rust, corrosion, oxidation, and heat buildup which ruin and weaken metal components. By preventing these damaging elements you increase the life of your exhaust components.

Rukse sponsors Gary Scelzi racing with Rukse High Performance Coatings in Utah.

Black turbo coatings on a RX-7 from Rukse High Performance Coatings in Utah.

Rukse Bright Silver ceramic coating is available as an alternative to our Rukse Polished finish and is applied in our state of the art facility in Utah. Rukse Bright Silver IS NOT reflective like our polished finish, but if you want a bright silver finish on your exhaust without maintenance then this is the coating for you.