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Re-enactment group PROGETTO900 photo shoot by Roberto Aquari and Balossini Camillo re-enact the Battle of Stalingrad October 1942 believed taken by Biella (BI) on March 13, 2011 - Wehrmacht Ostfront Eastern Front german machinegun crew MG WW2 (s/mcb)

A German MG 42. Considered one of the best general purpose machine gun designs ever, the MG 42, and its predecessor the MG 34, was a key part of German military tactics during World War II, providing effective suppressing fire for infantry operations, and influencing countless future designs, not only in such related designs as the M60 machine gun, but most notably in its direct descendent the MG 3. (IWM)

WEBSTA @ worldwar2foryou - This picture depicts a reenacting German Wehrmacht MG-42 team. They fire upon Soviet positions during the Siege of Sevastopol, fought from October 30th of 1941, during Operation Barbarossa, to July 4th of 1942, to July 4th of 1942.The MG-42 was a very new weapon for the German army, hence being called the MG-42 (1942), and would soon gain a irrefutable reputation.The machine gun would be the fastest and deadliest of its time, and came after the MG-34 (1934).Both…

MG.34 - 5 GJD. - Stug III Ausf.C/D - Volkhov, Near Leningrad - Summer '42