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you can't take race out of your media + marvel examples part 1/3 // nick fury, sam wilson, the falcon, colonel james rhodes, james rhodey, rhodey, war machine, iron patriot, antoine triplett, melinda may, skye, daisy johnson, loki, tom hiddleston, heimdall, idris elba, johnny storm, michael b. jordan, quvenzhané wallis, annie, mike peterson, raina, agents of SHIELD, marvel, mcu, avengers, racism, media, representation

maybe we'll come across each other at the turning of the century, racing across the breaches between worlds. i'll build my life on that maybe. #marvel

"Loki is so brilliant, it's mind blowing. He is so far ahead of everyone else. He wins the race before you even find the starting line, he's uncatchable. And when Loki knows what he wants, he will get it. The god of mischief and lies, indeed." <---This is part of why he's my favorite character of the MCU.

'Shiny Objects: Star Lord' by Tim Doyle