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Learn the definition of triggers. A trigger is an experience that draws us back into the past and causes old feelings and behaviors to arise. An ice cream sandwich may remind you of summer vacations or gossiping coworkers could bring back images of high school cliques. Some triggers are situational and social. Many people tend to eat more at holiday gatherings. If your spouse is... FULL ARTICLE @

If you feel you'll achieve a period in your existence when it's not necessary to learn anything new any longer, you'll lose out on many enriching encounters. So the majority of us finish high school and maybe even college and seem like we are fed up with consuming new information. We simply don't wish to learn any longer. However, aging experts insist that learning something totally new keeps the... FULL ARTICLE @

If you're stressed out, you've stopped caring for your book for the right reason. Care about the story. Care about making it the best story it can possibly be, no matter how long it takes or how frustrating it is. Write with passion, not stress.

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Stopping Negative Behaviors Before They Stop You. Do you have negative behaviors that you want to get a handle on? Whether it’s something you do to sabotage yourself or an action that annoys others, it’s important to ... FULL ARTICLE @