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Haha see. Choir queers get music jokes too. Calm down band kids.

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Haha see. Choir kids get music jokes too. Calm down band kids.<----- and orchestra kids just chill people

Omg yes!! I'll randomly b walking down the hall with a couple of friends. One person is out of step. One!! And I'll start screaming at them to get it step. "Well guys, Emily's out of step again. GET BACK IN STEP!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm always in step to whatever song is playing, people next to me that are fellow band geeks and people who are just randomly next to me, or the song playing inside my head.

Band Problems. I've marched crippled before, I'm not obsessed, I'm dedicated.

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When someone says I'm too old for Pixar movies. You got a problem, buddy? Do ya? Do ya? DO YA?

I said this to my band director once, and he just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

This totally sounds like something the staff would come up with. "Ok guys we're having a spontaneous tempo enhancement problem.

That is my All-Time Favorite Spongebob Squarepants episode! Long Live Episode "Band Geeks"!

Still a better artist than Justin Bieber

"Whoever's the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on." I love this episode XD

Marching Band 'Problems'... follow the link, they're all funny.

Yeah cause the nonband cool kids always try to fit in with the band nerds NOT… Unless you go to my school… JK.

Band Nerd Problems. YES. and then you try to fix it and get oil all over your hand...

I lifted the stand up by the top and then poof it comes right off of the stupid holder. I hate broken stands