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Danegeld makes accurate, replica jewellery for film, heritage and collectors. Specialising in Roman to Renaissance, with main focus on Viking, Saxon, Medieval and Tudor jewellery. Bespoke commissions and other time periods are always welcome.

Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna purchased this Fabergé platinum-mounted diamond and topaz cross in St Petersburg on December 12th 1912 for 1350 roubles, then about £135. Most probably it was a commissioned gift for the Emperor’s sister Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna.

Kevin Coates, the Carrington Cup, 1987. The Director of the V&A, Sir Roy Strong, commissioned this cup for Lord Carrington, the Chairman of the Museum’s Trustees. The mythical beast that supports it is a gryphon, with the head of an eagle and the body of a lion. This creature was carefully chosen. It was a guardian of treasure, and Lord Carrington was a guardian of the wealth of treasure that is the V&A’s collection.

Ornaments in the shape of horses found in grave of Scythian king. The burlal mound contained priceless god objects, many with animal designs, as well as the bones of humans and horses, apparently sacrificed to accompany the king into the next life.

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Sword from 1790s presented to Francis Douglas James Morisset, one of London’s most celebrated makers of enamelled gold dress-swords and boxes, was commissioned to produce this sword. Sword, Mark of James Morisset, 1798-9