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La buena energía se comparte desde Movimiento Urbano Colombia.

En una de las entrevistas en nuestro programa radial Movimiento Urbano Colombia Radio Show..

Listos, ready.

todo nuestro equipo y algunos amigos trabajando juntos.

siempre trabajndo duro pero felices.

Day 29 LEARN TO HANDSTAND is Couch Floats. This is a great way to train the core and the wrists for pressing into handstand. It will not only strengthen your core but it will help you know how far you have to lean forward in order to lift up. _ Directions: 1. Lean the back of your head against a soft couch and place your hands under your shoulders. Engage your core! 2. Keep leaning forward until the feet lift and you can tap the wrists. 3. If you are able, tuck the knees into the chest a...