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jumanji sandsculpture

Impressive Sand Sculptures - Photos by Michelle Blacky Champaz

Yuri on Ice (Victuuri) by edenofe

Yuri on Ice (Victuuri) by edenofe ---this is the cutesy, adorable couple stuff I signed up for, not this heartbreaking angst that I've gotten

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And in this moment I swear, we're all Phichit Viktor Nikiforov x Yuuri Katsuki Viktuuri Yuri! On Ice / Yoi

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Learn how to Zentangle, including directions and ideas on getting started, what materials to use, and Zentangle inspiration.

I got inspired by ordinary king and queen card, then wal-la~ i just put a little landscape so its no look so plain    Tumblr  Other Gruvia Fanart   

Gruvia fluff fest - Cookies n koma manga series* Parenthood is a…

I feel like there isn't a lot of V fanart. Not that I can draw worth a shit though

Looking at this made me realize how broken and helpless he is. If I were to save anyone in MM, it would be V, and I would do anything to get him smile in front of anyone. He's too precious to forget.

French kisses are too much for yuri Otayuri kiss . Yuri Plisetsky. Otabek Altin . Yuri on ice. YOI  Original fan art taken from:

I am looking at this and my mom is sitting with me in the living room ND I'm sitting at the coffee table and I look at this then slid under the coffee table just now

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I love this so much so oh had to put it in Human Art